25 January, 2022

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Best CBD Cat Treats

CBD Cat Treats – Is It Safe and Effective for Your Pet?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a compound renowned for its therapeutic properties. It is popular for its soothing benefits and effectiveness at remedying issues like soreness, nervousness, and low mood. CBD has not only worked wonders for humans, but it also helped pets get back on their paws. 

CBD typically comes in the form of oil, stored in a bottle. Your furry friend can ingest it as is, or you can mix it with their food. But, there is another exciting way for cats to consume CBD: scrumptious treats!

The numerous choices of CBD treats on the market can be overwhelming, so knowing the best CBD cat treats is a must for every feline parent. 

CBD Cat Treats

Here’s another favorite from our community. If you are looking to give your cat some treats- Give these Cat treats a try.

  • Delicious Salmon Flavored Crunchy Treats
  • Full spectrum CBD and other Cannabinoids
  • 2mg CBD per treat/75 treats/150mg CBD Total
  • Non Psychoactive means 0% THC and no “high”
  • Non GMO, No Dairy, No Gluten,
  • No Artificial Colors,
  • No Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • Grain Free – Natural Ingredients

Pet Hemp Company 

Pet Hemp Company produces the best CBD cat treats! Their business is committed to providing cat owners access to high-quality treats fit for your cat’s taste. 

With organic ingredients, high-grade CBD, and superior company standards, PHC’s treats support your cat’s body without harmful additives. And to ensure consistent and proper dosage, they have each batch of CBD treats tested by a third-party lab.


Pet Hemp Company CBD cat treats come in a delicious salmon flavor that cats can’t resist. You won’t find a trace of dairy or gluten in these biscuits — just pure CBD-salmon goodness. Plus, every ingredient that goes into the recipe is non-GMO and organic! 

This quality recipe gives you the confidence to feed your cat without worrying about digestive issues. On top of that, our CBD cat treats are all-natural — created without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.   


Each pack of Pet Hemp Company’s CBD cat treats contains 75 biscuits with 2mg of CBD per treat (150 mg of CBD in total). 

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil is a liquid cannabidiol solution. It’s made by infusing a carrier oil, like coconut or hemp seed oil, with CBD extract. CBD oil is popular because you can take it in several ways: under the tongue, with food, or mixed into drinks. 

When you ingest CBD oil, the cannabidiol interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. These receptors activate your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps maintain your body’s internal balance by regulating mood, digestion, appetite, pain responses, and more.

In simple terms, taking CBD oil helps your body run smoothly while providing feelings of serenity and bliss When you experience discomfort, CBD works naturally with your body to tend to the issue. It provides powerful relaxing effects without inducing any intoxication or “high.”

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from hemp. People have found this natural compound helpful for concerns such as swelling, tension, queasiness, jitters, restlessness, and more. Research is currently investigating the CBD’s potential benefits for medicinal use.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD oil is not a restricted substance. Unlike THC, it does not make consumers “high.” Although it comes from cannabis plants, legal CBD products are sourced from hemp, which is non-psychoactive. The 2018 Farm Bill made all hemp and hemp-derived products federally legal.

How Much Shall I Give My Cat? 

The amount of CBD a cat can consume in a day depends on its weight. To determine how much you can give your cat, follow the basic dosing rule, which is 1-5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. Pet Hemp Company also has a dosage chart that can guide you. 

Our CBD cat treats contain  2mg of CBD in each treat. We recommend separating the treats into two separate doses: one in the morning and one at nighttime. You can also give the treat to your cat once every 8-12 hours, depending on your cat’s needs. 

Is CBD Treat Safe for Cats? 

Your cat can safely consume CBD treats! CBD carries few side effects, and the vast majority of pets tolerate it well.

If you plan to give your cat CBD treats, ensure that you give them moderate amounts and follow the dosage recommendations for their body weight. If you keep the basic rules in mind, your cat should have no problem ingesting CBD treats. 

If you purchase high-quality CBD treats made with superior ingredients, your cat is less likely to experience a negative reaction to them. It’s important that you buy from a brand that upholds high standards in all aspects of production.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Cats? 

Since CBD affects so many systems, its vast benefits extend to your cat’s whole body! Here are some perks that CBD has to offer

  • Relief from fear and nervousness
  • Enhanced appetite
  • Increased energy
  • Better mood
  • Reduced swelling and joint strain
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Improved sleep

What Quality Factors Should You Look for in CBD Cat Treats? 

Here are some of the qualities that make up a good CBD cat treat. 

  • All-natural – Choose CBD cat treats that are made with natural ingredients. Avoid buying those with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 
  • Must be effective – You should know how the CBD component is processed in the CBD cat treat. Only go for products with potent and highly effective CBD. 
  • Carefully-crafted – You want to make sure that the product is safe for your cat to consume. Look for brands that test their products (and offer a certificate of analysis as proof!). It’s also important that they source their ingredients locally.

How Often Should I Give My Cat a Dose? 

You can give your cat doses twice a day or every 8-12 hours, depending on your cat’s needs. It is also essential to check the dosage chart so that you give your cat the ideal amount of CBD.  

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD for Cats? 

There have been reports of stomach upset, sleepiness, and allergic reactions in some cats. However, these side effects typically only occur when you give your feline friend exceedingly large doses of CBD. 

Your cat may experience mild side effects with their first few doses, but these disappear once they adjust to CBD. No severe reactions or deaths have occurred (in cats or people) from taking CBD.  

To assure your cat’s safety, it is best to consult with a veterinarian before giving them CBD treats. 


Whether your cat suffers from moodiness or chronic discomfort, providing them with CBD is worth a try! And what better way to give CBD to your cat than in the form of a treat? Your cat will surely look forward to each dose. 

CBD is well-tolerated by cats. You don’t have to worry about any psychoactive effects as our CBD is sourced from hemp. If given in proper doses, you should expect no problems in giving CBD cat treats to your beloved feline. What you can look forward to is a more energetic and happier pet. 

When choosing CBD cat treats, only opt for the best in the market. Pet Hemp Company offers CBD cat treats like no other — a recipe that is clean, natural, carefully formulated, and effective.