2 December, 2021

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Best CBD Dog Treats

A Quick Overview of CBD Oil for Dogs & CBD Dog Treats

Dog treats infused with CBD (cannabidiol) are one of the hottest products on the pet market right now, and for good reason! CBD helps dogs live their best life. This all-natural, hemp-derived compound relieves discomfort, tension, skin irritation, and queasiness. What's more, it can also calm your beloved pet, reducing their fear and aggression. 


Yes, you heard that right! CBD works naturally to improve your dog’s mental and physical well-being. So, whether your furry friend is in their senior years, has behavioral issues, or deals with chronic discomfort, CBD can offer some help.


CBD is by no means a cure-all, but it can provide comfort and help your dog’s body balance itself. By giving your canine companion the best CBD dog treats, you will see improvement in their overall condition over time. 


Skeptical? Want to know more? You’re in the right place! This article is here to answer your questions and shed light on CBD. From dosage to safety, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cannabidiol. Here are the facts that you should know before giving your pet CBD products


  • Buy CBD oil in liquid form.

You can easily adjust the dose of CBD if it is in liquid form.

CBD oil for dogs may be one of the best alternative medicines for managing various canine health conditions. Just take note of the right dosage and administration before using the product. Refer to our CBD Dosage chart for dogs.


CBD Dog Treats - RELAX: Anxiety & Stress Relief - Green Apple & Peanut Butter

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CBD Dog Treats - REPAIR: Joint Support - Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon

Product Variant Ex: 1 oz , 30ML : 210g

Dosage : 150mg

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CBD Dog Treats - PROTECT: Immunity Support - Blueberry & Sweet Potato

Product Variant Ex: 1 oz , 30ML : 210g

Dosage : 150mg

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Pet Hemp Company

As a responsible pet owner, you take your dog’s health seriously. Pet Hemp Company is right there with you! That’s why they put extraordinary care into all the treats they make. Their company ensures all of our products enhance your pet’s well-being, not hinder it.

For one, their CBD dog treats are 100% natural. You won’t find any GMO ingredients, dairy, or gluten in our formula — just pure, human-grade ingredients. Pet Hemp Company wants your pups to consume high-quality treats free of harmful additives, so their CBD dog treats don’t contain anything that we can’t eat ourselves! 

Plus, they use high-grade, full spectrum CBD sourced locally from organic hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado. Each batch of treats is tested by a third-party lab to ensure potency and consistency, so you never have to worry about purchasing an ineffective bag. And since we hold our company to a high standard, you can view the results of these tests on our website! 

Pros and Cons


Besides superior ingredients and potency, their CBD dog treats go the extra mile to support your dog’s wellness. They offer four formulas to fit your dog’s needs:

  • Joint & Mobility
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Heart & immune Care
  • Calming Soft Chews

Plus, these treats are downright delicious! Dogs can’t resist the real ingredients in these biscuits, and they always come back for more. 

To top it all off, most of Pet Hemp Company’s treats come in various potencies to accommodate your dog’s dosage needs. They understand that each pup requires a different amount of CBD depending on their size and condition, so you can order all of these treats (except for the Calming Soft Chews) in potencies ranging from 5mg per treat to 20mg per treat.


Unfortunately, they currently only offer one potency option for their Calming Soft Chews. However, you can buy the other biscuits in various strengths.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also called tincture, is a liquid solution containing cannabidiol. It’s made from a carrier oil, usually coconut or hemp seed oil, infused with CBD extract. You can give CBD oil to your dog as is or mix it into their chow.

The CBD in our tincture comes from organic hemp plants. We use full spectrum CBD, meaning it contains all the naturally-occurring compounds in the plant, including trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less). This small amount boosts the effects of CBD, and it’s not enough to get your dog intoxicated or “high.”  

When your dog consumes CBD in the form of oil or treats, they’ll feel soothing effects. CBD interacts with your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a network of receptors that influences their internal balance. The ECS regulates many bodily functions such as appetite, mood, pain response, and more!

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Yes! Dogs tolerate CBD quite well. There are no reports of dogs suffering severe adverse reactions from CBD. And if you purchase products made with quality ingredients and no harmful additives, you have nothing to worry about.

As we mentioned before, CBB is non-psychoactive, so it will not intoxicate your canine friend. It’s also non-habit forming (addicting). You can give your dog CBD on the daily without the fear of them becoming addicted. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

If you get the gist, CBD can benefit your dog in several different ways. Since the ECS has such an extensive influence on your dog’s wellness, you will notice CBD improve your dog’s condition in several areas. Here are some benefits CBD has to offer:

  • Relaxing and soothing effects
  • Calms nervousness, hyperactivity, and phobias (think separation anxiety)
  • Relieves tension, discomfort, and soreness in muscles and joints
  • Reduces swelling in joints and other systems
  • Decreases and prevents aggressive behaviors
  • Improves skin irritation
  • Enhances appetite 
  • Improves quality of sleep

It’s essential to note that CBD does not have psychoactive properties and will not produce a high, unlike THC. You do not have to worry about your dog becoming groggy or intoxicated after consuming CBD products. 

What Quality Factors Should You Look for in CBD Dog Treats?

Whenever you’re evaluating a CBD product, you need to consider various features. To do this, read the package or product description and take note of the following:

  • Potency
  • Source
  • Flavor
  • Other ingredients

The company you purchase is just as important as the product itself. It’s essential to look for a brand that cares about its customers. Review the website and look for:

  • Brand transparency - Do they provide lab reports for their products?
  • Customer service & policies - Do they offer subscription packages? Free shipping? Other perks? Are their customer service representatives helpful?

You should also look at the customer reviews of the product. Ask yourself, “Are they biased?” The item in question must have many positive reviews! Don’t just rely on a few comments and anecdotes. 

How Often Should You Give Your Dog a Dose?

You can give your dog CBD every 8 hours, or as needed to manage discomfort. Giving them CBD twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, is a good schedule to stick to. When it comes to giving dog treats, make sure that the biscuits you give to your dog corresponds to the recommended daily dosage. 


Are There Any Side Effects of CBD for Dogs? 

Your dog may experience mild side effects when they take CBD. These are especially common in the first few doses, and they typically disappear with repeated use as your pet adjusts to CBD. 

The good news is that it’s impossible to over dose on CBD, and no severe adverse reactions have occurred from taking too much. Still, we recommend following our dosage guide to ensure you give your dog an appropriate amount of CBD.

Here are some common side effects that may occur if your dog ingests more CBD than:

  • Drowsiness, 
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased appetite

Again, none of these side effects are severe or life-threatening, and they are often short-lived. Still, these symptoms can be uncomfortable for your pet, so it’s best to dose them correctly. If you are ever unsure about how much CBD to give your dog, you can contact us or a trusted veterinarian to guide you.  

Final Words

Cannabidiol is an effective, natural alternative that has helped dogs and cats nationwide! The best CBD dog treats can relieve discomfort in several areas of your pet’s body, improving their overall quality of life.

Perhaps, the best benefit that your canine friend can get from CBD is its relaxing properties. Daily intake with the right dosage can reduce aggression and other fearful tendencies. 

It can be heartbreaking to see your dear pet suffer. Providing tasty snacks with CBD could work wonders for your canine companion, whether they deal with mobility issues, separation anxiety, or chronic discomfort. You just have to try some and see what kind of difference it makes in your dog’s life!