25 October, 2021

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Blood In Dog Stool Home Remedies

Blood in Dog Stool Home Remedies

Blood in Dog Stool Home Remedies

So, you found blood in your dog’s stool, should you panic? If I were you, I certainly would. However, you must think about it objectively. Calmly visit your dog’s vet and have it assessed. On the other hand, you can also decide to treat your dog at home if the blood and diarrhea are minimal, and your dog is still active. A few natural remedies may get your dog back into optimum shape. 

Why does my dog have blood in their stool?

Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis is often used to refer to the condition of having blood in the stool. While it can be worrying, it may also be benign. You know that your dog’s condition is not that serious if it is caused by allergies, toxins, or a minor infection. Of course, you can only be sure if you get your dog checked by the vet. 

An inflammatory bowel disease may also be the cause. You may want to ask your doctor if the condition is chronic and potentially dangerous for your pet. 

Cancer and gut trauma from ingesting sharp objects are some of the graver possibilities. If your dog has not been vaccinated, there is also the real danger that it has parvovirus. 

What is Parvovirus?

Parvovirus is a potentially life-threatening virus that can affect unvaccinated dogs. One of its possible symptoms is severe diarrhea that can be tinged with blood. Your dog may whimper because of abdominal pain. It may even vomit or not feel like eating at all. 

If you have other pets, the affected dog can pass on parvovirus to them, because it is contagious. The possibility of this condition merits that you should have your unvaccinated dog checked right away. 91% of untreated dogs can die. 

Could it be an emergency?

You may get some clues from your dog’s stool. If the colour is bright red, then the blood is fresh. A little streak may not mean much. However, consistent or heavy flow warrants an emergency. It may be parvovirus or hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. If the poop is darker and jellylike in consistency, you also have other things to worry about, such as cancer or parasites. 

What are the best home remedies for blood in a dog’s stool?

Your dog will not feel like eating when it has blood in its stool. Something is wrong somewhere in its digestive system. So, you need to be gentle to its tummy. 

Here are some home remedies that you can use:

  • Activated charcoal – If you suspect that your dog has ingested a possibly toxic material, then you should give your dog liquid or powdered activated charcoal. This should help prevent the toxin or bacteria from spreading into your bloodstream.
  • Fasting – Give your dog a chance to ease its upset stomach, by giving a 24 to 48 hour fast. Only diabetic dogs and puppies should not be made to go through with this. 
  • Dieting – When your dog has finished its period of fasting, you can give it gentle foods, such as gastrointestinal food from the vet’s, chicken broth, or any other easy-to-digest foods. Butternut squash, in mashed potato consistency, can also work.
  • Electrolyte replenishing – Diarrhea can make your dog lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes from its body. You can give your dog a teaspoon of Pedialyte at a time, or mix it with food. 

While over the counter anti-diarrhea drugs such as Imodium do not sound like typical home remedies, they can work on minor cases. 

Natural products for blood in dog’s stools

  • Special natural products

Kaolin and slippery elm are just some of the natural products that you can use to help ease the pain of indigestion and relieve diarrhea in your dog. 

  • Probiotics

Probiotics, such as yoghurt, can help your dog feel a lot better. It is good bacteria that you can use to counterbalance harmful bacteria that may be wreaking havoc on its stomach.

  • Pumpkin

This fibre-rich superfood can soothe the stomach while tasting like a yummy treat. 

  • Lots of water

Your dog needs a lot of water right now. It needs to replace the fluids lost while having diarrheal symptoms. 

  • Bland food

Get your dog to start eating bland food. This way, it can get reenergized without further upsetting its stomach with sugar and salt. 

How about using CBD oil for dogs?

Some of you may not have explored the possibility of using cannabidiol oil (CBD) oil for dogs. It is useful in getting the gut back to its natural order. It also works hard to get rid of inflammation, anxiety, and nausea in your dog. CBD oil can also promote a good appetite and a healthy heart. 

The amount of CBD oil that you give your dog will depend on its weight. For example, a dog with a weight of 11 kg. may need 12.5 mg. of CBD oil. 

How will bloody diarrhea in my dog be treated by a vet?

No matter how minor or major the condition of your dog may be, it should be seen by a vet. Some symptoms also do not give you much of a choice. 

If you find your dog is pooping a lot, with a large amount of bright red blood, then it is an emergency. On the other hand, you also need a vet if the stool is dark, with the consistency of jelly, and contains a lot of water. Your dog may even look a little off-colour. It will not play with you because it is too tired and sick. 

Other indications that you need a vet before you start treatment are dry, pale gums, vomiting, and a rectal temperature of 390 C or higher. 

Even without the more severe symptoms, a dog that has not been vaccinated should be seen by a vet.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons for seeing blood in your dog’s stool. Some are not emergencies. However, it is still safe to treat it as if it is an emergency. This way, you can provide your dog with the correct treatment. You may also be able to give the appropriate natural remedies, including CBD oil.