25 October, 2021

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Cat Growling

Cat Growling

Cat Growling

A cat that is constantly growling can drive anyone nuts. Even seasoned pet owners can find it hard to tame their pets when they misbehave. However, your furry pet isn’t misbehaving for no reason. Most of the time, not knowing why your cat is in a bad mood can keep you from finding a way to calm them down.

Is Cat Growling Normal? 

Cats growl when they aren’t happy, which is perfectly normal behavior. When you first own a cat, you should take the time to get to know it better. You can try to figure out which cat treats or toys are its favorites.

Cats love treats because they usually please the taste buds and make them feel more comfortable. Feeding your cats with their favorite special foods and treats is one great way to make them happy and stop growling. 

Do Some Cats Growl More Than Others? 

Some cat breeds can growl more than others. If your cat growls more than other cats, try giving them more affection and bonding time. You can do this by engaging in some playtime with your cat. Playing can be as simple as throwing a ball or dragging a string in front of your cat.

Just spending time with your cat and having fun with them can make them feel the love. If your cat gets bored easily, you can always try to engage in various games or toys. You can play hide and seek together and watch your cat jump around as it gets exciting!

Why Is Growling Abnormal or Excessive? 

One of the reasons your cat may be acting up is because it is anxious, worried, or is fearful of something. If your cat is feeling threatened, they might start growling aggressively.

A calming scent in the room tells your cat everything is going to be all right. Herbal products and plug-ins are among the sources of a calming scent that can be spread in the room. Usually, these products come in the form of air fresheners. Lavender is normally the scent that can easily calm the senses of human beings and animals. Fruit scents can also calm down and relax your cat.

Bring your cat to the part of the room where the scent is directly emitted. Doing so should make your animal inhale the lovely scent without delay and calm it down in no time.

Why Is My Cat Growling? 

Stray cats can sometimes be perceived as enemies by your pet cat. Because of this, your pet may also become anxious when they sense the presence of stray cats around your home. Your pet can smell the scent of stray cats when they are loitering in the backyard or on the porch. So, if you notice your cat acting up, be keen on observing your surroundings. If you find stray cats loitering around, try to shoo them off to give your cat peace of mind.

Not In Control

Tall cat trees can help aggressive cats feel in control when they climb on top. There are times when your pet may act aggressively if they feel defenseless or weak. The feeling of being vulnerable can come from anything – intimidation from people or other animals in the household.

Because a tall cat tree is high above the ground, your cat will feel safer on it, far away from anything happening within the premises. Plus, your cat will have a good view of what is going on below when positioned high up. Climbing up and down the tree can also help your cat release the energy it has kept bottled up.

Pain or Illness 

Many diffusers and sprays emit scents that mimic feline pheromones your cat will recognize and identify with. A comforting, familiar smell makes cats feel safe and relieves their pain or worry.

Lack of Affection

Providing affectionate physical gestures tells your cat that you love it, and, in turn, everything is going to be all right. Examples of affectionate physical gestures you can give to your cat are the following:

  • Scratching its ears lightly
  • Giving it a gentle embrace
  • Patting it lightly on its back
  • Rubbing their stomachs

It should not take a lot of time for you to show your cat affection. Don’t be shy in letting your cat know how much you love it whenever you have time.


Behavior modification is usually done with the help of an animal behaviorist. It is a type of reinforcement conditioning that utilizes positive reinforcement to minimize fear and other undesirable behaviors. 

If your cat responds aggressively whenever it is touched, you can try to curb that negative behavior by responding back to this behavior positively. You can do things that will cheer up your cat to stop the negative responses.

What Should You Do When Your Cat Growls?

Sometimes, your cat acts aggressively or is growling for no reason at all. For instance, mother cats hiss and growl to warn others to stay away from their kittens. Older cats may growl to protect their toys or food from being taken away from them.

You may not know why your cat is growling during these instances. But, you can always be alert and use your keen instinct to tune in and find out the non-obvious reasons why your cat is growling. If your alertness level is sufficient, it should accurately tell you why your cat is growling!


If you cannot implement these ways yourself in stopping or minimizing your cat’s growling habits, you can always seek help from family members or loved ones. Nevertheless, it will likely be more helpful if you seek help from seasoned pet owners in taming your cat.