26 February, 2021

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CBD Oil For Cats & CBD Cat Treats- Is It Safe and Effective for Your Pet?

CBD Oil for Cats & CBD Cat Treats – Is It Safe and Effective for Your Pet?

In recent years, cannabidiol oil has been talked about and even popularized by the media. It is said to be beneficial to humans and to animals as well. Because of this, a lot of pet owners have turned to it as an alternative treatment for the conditions of their pets.


What Is CBD Oil?can cbd oil help cats

CBD is oil that contains cannabidiol concentrations. Cannabidiol is an active ingredient of marijuana or hemp. It is directly derived from the hemp plant, which is related to the hemp plant.

However, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, which is another active ingredient of marijuana, cannabidiol is not psychoactive. It does not create a mind-altering “high” when used. Nonetheless, it produces significant changes in the body. According to researchers, it has numerous medical benefits.

In humans, CBD has been found to be effective in treating Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. It is also helpful in treating chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

How Does CBD Affect Cats?

CBD is not only beneficial to humans, but to animals as well. Don’t worry because it will not make your cat or dog “high”.


According to Dr. Gary Richter, holistic veterinarian and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care in California, CBD is generally safe for cats.

You may give CBD oil to your cat. Just make sure that you use the right dosage. More importantly, see to it that you are careful when buying CBD products for your cat. Only choose products that come from reputable manufacturers and sellers.

What Cat Health Problems Can CBD Oil Treat?

Cats can also benefit from CBD oil. CBD targets the endocannabinoid system receptors and restores balance. This makes it effective in treating a variety of health conditions.

In cats, CBD can relieve inflammation and pain. Pain is usually a symptom of a health condition. Even though it is true that inflammation comes with the healing process, it still causes discomfort or pain.

If you give CBD to your cat, it would interrupt or suppress the pain signals in its brain. Hence, your cat would feel much better. In addition, it would reduce its inflammation.

CBD can also relieve cancer symptoms as well as cancer treatment side effects in cats, such as vomiting and nausea. Studies have shown that CBD is an effective antiemetic, which is a treatment for nausea. It also slows down the growth of tumors and make cancer cells more sensitive to treatment.

Moreover, CBD can alleviate the stress your cat experiences. Also, some cats tend to have separation anxiety which CBD oils can help. They also get stressed from loud noises and crowded areas.

If you notice certain changes in your dog, such as lack of appetite, excessive shaking, keeping to itself, being more aggressive towards others, or experiencing digestive issues, your dog may be stressed or anxious. You may give it CBD to help improve its condition.

If your cat is obese or has weight issues, you may also give it CBD. Even though it is not a fat burning supplement, it still promotes weight loss and appetite control. Keep in mind that obesity in dogs can lead to various health problems, such as cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes.

What’s more, CBD is effective in treating various skin conditions in dogs. So, if your dog frequently scratches or licks itself, you can give it some CBD to improve its condition. Your dog may be suffering from an allergy or skin condition like eczema, and it can find relief from CBD.

Possible Side Effects of CBD in Cats

As you have learned, CBD has plenty of benefits for both humans and animals. Then again, if you are like most pet owners, you want to make sure that your cat will not experience any unpleasant side effects when using CBD.

So, are there any side effects to using CBD for cats?

Fortunately, most people who have cats have not experienced any serious problems as regards the use of CBD oil for their pets. According to Boulder Holistic Vet, overly sedate behavior is the most likely side effect that cats would experience after using CBD oil.


If you notice your cat being too sleepy or calm, you can talk to its veterinarian and ask for the dosage to be adjusted. Your cat may also have gastrointestinal upset if the tincture is suddenly included in its diet. You must give your cat enough time to adjust to the tincture.

Ideally, you should start by giving it the lowest dosage. Continue giving it this much for about a week. See to it that you closely monitor your cat during this time. If it starts to show signs of gastrointestinal upset or nausea, you should discontinue the use of CBD oil. Wait for it to exit the system before going to a holistic veterinarian for a checkup. You may ask for the dosage to be reduced.

Benefits of CBD in Cats

CBD can have lots of positive effects on cats. For starters, it can provide relief for joint pain and arthritis. Take note that older cats are especially prone to these conditions. Researchers have found that 61% of cats that are at least six years old have joint pain while 82% of cats that are at least fourteen years old have arthritis.

CBD can also stimulate the appetite of your pet. If your cat does not have a healthy appetite, it might be suffering from mood-related disorders, dental problems, and other health conditions.

Furthermore, CBD can help reduce the epileptic seizures of cats. Just like humans, cats can also suffer from seizures and epilepsy. If your cat has this condition, it can experience relief by using CBD.

Where to Buy CBD Oil For Cats CBD Products on the Market

At present, you can find a wide variety of CBD products both online and offline. For your cat, you can get a CBD oil or pet tincture. You can also give it some CBD cat treats.

Make sure that you research about these products before you make a purchase. Read product reviews from other pet owners. You should also consult your cat’s veterinarian or ask for a recommendation.

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