16 January, 2021

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CBD Oil For Dogs Aging And Wellness

Effects of CBD Oil for Dog’s Aging and Wellness

We treat our pets like family. Old age is part of life, and this applies to everyone including our furry babies. Losing a pet can be heartbreaking. Especially for a pet who has grown with you. As they get older, all we can do is to give them the quality life they deserve. Free from pain and fear, and let them know that they are well taken care of.

What happens to our dogs when they age? Aside from body transition, their needs also change.

Eye Problems

As dogs get older, their vision starts to deteriorate. If you notice your dog bumping into things, it could be a sign for cloudy eyesight.

Conditions like corneal damage and conjunctivitis are treatable. Removing cataracts needs surgery to help them recover their eyesight.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks

Senior dogs need to go more often because it is part of the aging process. Especially with middle-aged and older dogs.

Watch out for other symptoms like urinary tract infection and incontinence. If you do, consult your veterinarian.

Gaining Weight

It could be a sign of a slowing metabolism related to age. You may need to be more conscious of their diet and physical activity.

You may notice your dog being unresponsive sometimes. Vets tell to carry out appropriate exercises for senior dogs. Obese dogs can have higher risks for underlying diseases such as heart problems.

Skin Problems

Lumps, bumps, rashes and other skin conditions may affect your dog at any age. Skin disease is more common in older dogs when their immunity has passed its peak. Coat deterioration and hair loss are also common.

If you notice lumps and bumps on your dog’s skin have it immediately checked. It could be a sign of other diseases like cancer.

Behavior Changes

As a dog age, their memories also worsen. Their function, awareness, and senses could decline.

Behavioral changes like forgetting commands, sleep disturbances, and self-care could happen. If severe personality changes occur, better consult a veterinarian.

Pain and Inflammation

Gaining weight and old age can put stress on the joints. It can make them prone to arthritis and other joint diseases.

CBD can help your Dog in Aging

Administering CBD on your dog can be beneficial. It has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds can treat or even prevent diseases dogs might encounter in old age.

It helps to support their immune system and faster recovery, especially during surgery. Here are the reasons why dog owners give CBD, particularly if their dog is old:

  • It is beneficial for brain health. It helps their brain on a cellular level for better aging.
  • It is legal and does not make your dog high. It is only formulated to target diseases and prevent them.

CBD is not only beneficial to us, but it can also help our pets too. You can check out this page for our CBD Oil Dosage charts. Our pets love us without asking anything in return. They deserve all the love and care that they can get.


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