24 October, 2020

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CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats With Anxiety

Can CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a serious illness impact dogs and cats. Separation anxiety is a type of anxiety that impacts pet dogs. It is reported that 40% of dogs seeking veterinary care suffer from separation anxiety when away from their owners. Cats typically suffer from anxiety from environmental fears and stress.

There are many ways to help your pets get through their anxiety, including using CBD. Let’s review this topic further and find out how CBD can help.

What’s Causing the Anxiety? 

Anxiety in pets can be linked to three main sources: fear, separation, and aging. Other major can come from many certain stressors and isolated events impacting your pet.

  • Fear. Pets can easily get scared of many things. It may be caused by noises, people, or other animals. Also new people, environments car rides or visits to the vet might be an anxiety trigger.
  • Separation. Some dogs suffer from anxiety when their owners leave them at home. This is a common phenomenon in many households, whether it being left alone for a short time or a longer period of time.
  • Aging. Older pets are more prone to suffer from anxiety. For example, old dogs are susceptible to cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS). Dogs with CDS are more likely to suffer from anxiety than younger and healthier dogs.
  • Illness. Pets that don’t feel well have a higher chance to experience anxiety. Especially when they feel pain, their fear of pain triggers their anxiety.
  • Trauma. Experiencing a traumatic event is also a cause of anxiety. This type of trauma is often evident in rescued pets.

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs & Cats

To treat a pet’s anxiety, it’s important to detect it early. This will help lessen the stress and longtime effects of anxiety. Below is a list of common signs of anxiety in cats and dogs.

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

  1. Continuous barking for no reason
  2. Peeing and defecating in the house despite being house trained
  3. Uncontrollable chewing and destructive behavior
  4. Pacing in the house
  5. Exhaling sharply or with a tiny bark
  6. Trying to escape the house or hiding
  7. Constant yawning
  8. Trembling or shaking

Signs of Anxiety in Cats

  1. Mood changes
  2. Hiding and/or aggressive behavior
  3. Excessive vocalization or meowing
  4. Over lethargic behavior
  5. Vomiting
  6. Following people excessively
  7. Peeing and defecating outside the litter box

If your pet exhibits any signs, it’s important to act immediately to relieve anxiety. Many pet owners are relying on CBD products for treatments.

Scientific Research on CBD for Anxiety and Stress Care

Human and animal bodies have the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for maintaining and promoting health. CBD triggers the ECS and balances all the different bodily systems.

Treating your pet with CBD is a growing trend. Studies show that CBD has anxiolytic, neuroprotective, and antipsychotic properties, which helps relieve health conditions including stress, depression, and anxiety.

CBD can also provide benefits for other ailments such as:

  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive problems

How Much CBD Should My Pet Take?

Despite the great benefits of CBD oil on pets, it’s critical to give the right dosage to avoid further problems. There aren’t many studies about the right dose of CBD oil on animals yet. But, it’s safer to assume the worse and proceed to use it with caution.

There aren’t specific guidelines about how much CBD oil a pet can have, However, you can still use our CBD Oil Dosage chart as a point of reference. Still, here are some tips on how to use CBD safely on any pet.

  • Consult a veterinarian first to ensure that your pet can take CBD without any problems.
  • Begin with a low dosage and increase in gradual amounts.
  • Consider your pet’s size, weight, and activities.
  • Get the right potency for your pet.
  • Only use high-grade CBD oil from reputable retailers.

Visit this page for CBD Dosage chart for dogs.

How to Find High-Quality CBD Oil

You can buy CBD products made for pets, but CBD oil may also be used. However, there are factors to consider when looking for CBD oil that’s high-quality and safe.

It’s best to ask the retailer or look for information about the product before using it on your pet. Here are some questions to ask when buying CBD oil.

  • Does it contain THC?

Choose one with a THC level lower than 0.3%. It’s better if it doesn’t have any THC because it could be a health risk for your pet.

  • Is it extracted from organic hemp?

CBD oil is safer if it’s been extracted from hemp that’s organic and toxin-free.

  • How was it extracted?

Choose CBD oil that has been extracted using safe methods like cold press and carbon dioxide extractions.

  • Was it tested by third-party labs?

A safe CBD oil product should have a COA or Certificate of Analysis. It will tell you information if it contains any harmful substances.

Pets that suffer from anxiety should be given immediate care. There are many ways to deal with this situation and CBD can be an effective option.

CBD is not only beneficial for humans but pets too. But, pet owners mustn’t forget that giving pets care, love, and attention is one of the best treatments to relieve anxiety.


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