25 November, 2020

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CBD Oil for dogs With Slippery Elm

CBD Oil for dogs With Slippery Elm

What is Slippery Elm for Dogs?

Slippery elm is a kind of herbal medicine made from the inner bark of the tree also called slippery elm. But, it’s also used for dogs.

The powder form is the most commonly used for dogs. But, slippery elm is also available in capsules and tinctures. You can use it topically by mixing powder with cold water to create a paste.

Benefits of Slippery Elm for Dogs

  • Digestion ailment relief

Slippery elm can soothe acute diarrhea, stomach irritation, and colitis. It’s best used with probiotics while feeding dogs bland food. It can also help relieve constipation.

  • Soothes throat problems

Dogs with coughs and sore throats can also find relief with slippery elm. It contains mucilage that coats the throat to sooth sore throat. It’s also an antitussive that not only treats coughs, but asthma and bronchitis as well.

  • Treats urinary tract problems

UTI’s can also affect dogs. Slippery elm can soothe the urinary tract lining to help relieve painful urination.

  • Acid reflux prevention

If a dog often vomits after eating meals, there’s a big chance he has acid reflux. The mucilage can also prevent inflammation and irritation in the throat, which causes the acid to flow up. 

Side Effects of Slippery Elm for Dogs

Despite its beneficial effects, slippery elm has side effects. One of the worst side effects is the interference with other drugs. It may prevent your dog from absorbing other medicines he’s taking. 

It can also have serious allergic reactions for some dogs. Before giving any dog slippery elm, it’s best to consult a vet first. The vet can determine if your dog is allergic to the medicine or not.

Also, when slippery elm isn’t processed well, it can cause dangerous irritation to the digestive and urinary tracts. Manufacturers that don’t process slippery elm properly can sometimes include parts of the outer bark. 

The outer bark of slippery elm has properties that can irritate internal organs. To avoid this from happening, only buy slippery elm from reputable manufacturers and retailers.

Alternatives for Slippery Elm 

Instead of slippery elm, there are alternatives which may be safer with minimal side effects.


Aromatherapy is one way to treat cough and sore throats in dogs. Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus can help sooth irritated throats.

But, too much can be hazardous as well. It might worsen the symptoms especially if your dog has allergies. It’s advisable to consult a vet before trying this option.


For diarrhea, vets may give your dog antibiotics to treat the bacteria that’s causing it. Antibiotics mustn’t be given to dogs without consulting your vet. There’s a right amount and specific schedule to take antibiotics to prevent serious side effects.


Laxatives are effective in softening a dog’s stool from constipation. The side effect might be frequent defecation right after giving the laxative. But, it may only take a few hours before the dog’s digestion goes back to normal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a treatment option for dogs with UTI. Mixing a teaspoon to two tablespoons of the vinegar to the dog’s water bowl twice a day may help relieve UTI. The amount of vinegar depends on the dog’s size. But, a vet must first approve this to make sure that the dog doesn’t have any kidney problems, which may worsen when vinegar is used. 


Dogs with acid reflux may find relief with antacids. It may not treat the dog’s condition, but it can give relief for a duration of time. Still, it’s best to consult your vet before giving antacids to avoid complications.

CBD products for dogs

CBD may be one of the safest treatments to give dogs. It’s safe and non-toxic so it may not have any side effects at all. There are many products made with CBD for dogs nowadays. There are treats and topicals. But, the best way to give CBD to dogs is by using oil tinctures.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog As Replacement for Slippery Elm?

The main use for slippery elm is to treat inflammation. CBD can treat many kinds of illnesses including inflammation. 

For CBD to be effective, it’s important to give the right amount. Despite being safe, there are still risks. CBD may not work if too little is given to the dog. Too much and it may not be as effective in the long run.

Follow this simple formula to determine the right dosage of CBD for any dog.

Dog’s weight X 0.25 mg = CBD dosage in mg

For example, a dog weighs 20 pounds. Multiply 20 by 0.25 mg which will give you 5. This means that the dog’s correct dosage is 5 mg. 

Next, determine the amount of CBD that the CBD product contains. Reputable CBD manufacturers would include the dosage on their products’ packaging and item description.

Say that a 200-ml CBD oil bottle has 100 mg of CBD. It means that there’s 0.5 mg of CBD for each ml of CBD oil. For the example above, the 20-pound dog may need 10ml of CBD.

This also goes for CBD treats. Usually, CBD treats contain 2mg of CBD per treat. Only give enough treats to meet the required dosage for the dog.

As for the frequency, it may depend on the dog’s condition. For mild symptoms, giving CBD once or twice a day might be enough. For more intense symptoms, a dog may need CBD more frequently. 

The important thing is to observe the dog while under a CBD treatment. Take note when the effects of the CBD wear off. Before the effects are gone, give the next dosage. This will ensure continuous relief and treatment.

Always remember to check the dog’s weight before giving CBD. The weight is the crucial part in knowing the right dosage. Also, consulting vets of the use of CBD in dogs is still the best move to make sure that there won’t be any complications.

Where to Buy CBD For Pets

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