16 January, 2021

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Comfortis For Dogs Side Effects & Review

Comfortis For Dogs Side Effects & Comfortis Review

One of the most worrying things to see on our beloved pets is fleas. Fleas have always been hated parasites in dogs, aside from heartworms. Dog fleas (scientific name Ctenocephalides canis) aren’t just nasty parasites, they can also be a way for even worse parasites to enter our beloved dogs. Fleas have been known carriers of the double pored tapeworm (scientific name Dipylidium caninum).

More than making your pets scratch themselves all day, dog fleas can also cause anemia. Anemia in dogs can be life-threatening if not addressed properly. The scratching caused by dog fleas can expose the skin, which can lead to an infection.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis can also occur as the dog’s body attempts to attack the saliva left by the flea as a form of anti-coagulant.

Fleas are no laughing matter. As pet owners, we have to device a lot of clever ways to help our pets defend themselves. The most popular means of protection is a 30-day effective spray of pesticides (e.g. friponil). The pesticides promise a 30-day spray-and-forget countermeasure for fleas.

While it may seem to work on paper, spraying your dog with pesticides has a whole host of problems on its own. So, as a pet owner, what can you do if dousing your pets with pesticides is not an option?

Well, we have Comfortis (Spinosad).

What Is Comfortis (Spinosad) for?

Comfortis is a flea treatment approved by the FDA which was made to produce fast results in killing fleas and preventing any flea infestation for up one whole month. This flea pill comes in a beef-flavored tablet that your dog will surely enjoy.

Ask your veterinarian for a prescription of Comfortis for Dog!

Comfortis Benefits:

The fast-acting active ingredient starts killing fleas within the first 30 minutes after administration. Effects will immediately be seen as fleas will start to fall off your dog’s skin.

The immediate efficacy of Comfortis is also long-lasting. Comfortis can protect dogs and cats for a whole month (30 days). Within the whole month, fleas cannot reintroduce themselves to your dog as they are killed before they can lay their eggs.

So how does Comfortis work?

Active ingredient

The active ingredient in this flea medicine is Spinosad. You could be wondering how feeding your pet with an insecticide is better than dousing them with one.

Spinosad is a chemical compound that is derived from the bacteria Saccharopolyspora Spinosa. Spinosad was discovered in 1985 and extracted from sugar cane in a natural process. From creation to extraction, Spinosad is guaranteed to be all-natural.

Spinosad acts by disrupting the acetylcholine neurotransmission of insects. The insecticide affects fleas either by contact or by ingestion of the chemical. When the disruption occurs, the insects enter a state of hyperexcitation.

Hyperexcitation overloads the nervous system of the insect, causing paralysis and quick death.

Side Effects of Comfortis

While Comfortis is an all-natural flea medication for pets, there is a couple of things that pet owners should be aware of.

Side effects are not prevalent but may occur. Side effects may include vomiting. If experiencing loss of appetite, difference in behavior, or lethargy, please contact your veterinarian for further help.

According to the FDA, reports have been collected regarding adverse reactions. Adverse reactions with dogs using Comfortis (Spinosad) along with high doses of Ivermectin have been documented.

Ivermectin is a medication commonly used for heartworm prevention. The products containing Ivermectin are Heart Gard, Heart Gard Plus, Ivomec, and Iveheart.

Dogs receiving Comfortis (Spinosad) and high doses of Ivermectin for treatment of non-responsive demodectic mange along with other conditions have shown symptoms of Ivermectin toxicity.

During clinical trials, adverse effect commonly present is vomiting.

Adverse reactions that were recorded were also: decreased appetite, lethargy, diarrhea, weight loss. With information about the use of Ivermectin and Comfortis (Spinosad), caution should be followed when introducing Comfortis to dogs and cats using Ivermectin as well.

Brand Name:

Comfortis (Elanco)

Generic Name:


What is the most important information I should know about Comfortis?

Comfortis (Spinosad) is approved by the FDA. The medication is prescribed by a veterinarian. Comfortis is available for use with dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens 14 weeks and older to kill fleas and prevent reintroduction of fleas. Comfortis (Spinosad) is effective for the duration of an entire month.

Comfortis Size:

Comfortis Pink

the pink box is for dogs weighing 5 to 10 lbs. and cats weighing 4.1-6 lbs. Tablets in the pink box contain 140 mg of Spinosad per dosage.

Comfortis Orange

the orange box is for dogs weighing 10.1 to 20 lbs. and cats weighing 6.1 to 12 lbs. The tablets inside the orange box contain 270 mg of Spinosad per dosage.

Comfortis Green

the green box is for dogs weighing 20.1 to 40 lbs. and cats weighing 12.1 to 24 lbs. The tablets inside the green box contain 560 mg of Spinosad per dosage.

Comfortis Blue

the Bluebox is for dogs weighing 40.1 to 60 lbs. The tablets inside the green box contain 810 mg of Spinosad per dosage.

Comfortis Brown

the Brown box is for dogs weighing 60.1 to 120 lbs. The tablets inside the green box contain 1620 mg of Spinosad per dosage.

It should be noted that cats beyond 24 lbs. should be administered with the appropriate dosage.

Where to Buy – Do I need a vet prescription For Comfortis?

Yes, you should get a prescription from your vet. Advice from a veterinarian is also encouraged if your dog or cat has a history of seizures (epilepsy).

Tell your veterinarian if you are planning on breeding your pet.

How Much Comfortis Should I give my Dog?

Comfortis is very easy to administer. The beef-flavored chewable tablet can simply be given to a dog or cat and have them chew it. Comfortis can be mixed into the daily meals of your pets and they won’t even notice.

Administrating Comfortis is done once a month. If the pet vomits 1 hour after medication, give the pet another dose.

To ensure the efficacy of Comfortis, it should be stored at room temperature (66 to 77 F) after the dosing of a pet.

What happens if I miss giving a dose of Comfortis?

If a dose is missed, Comfortis should be administered immediately upon notice. After administrating the dosage, the drug should be administered every month thereafter.

What happens if I overdose my pet on Comfortis?

Seek assistance from a veterinarian immediately.

What should I avoid while giving Comfortis?

Dogs and cats may resume their normal routines after administering a dosage. Advice from a veterinarian should be sought before the use of breeding, pregnant, and lactating pets.

What other drugs will affect Comfortis?

Aside from Ivermectin, it is always best to ask your veterinarian before prescribing or administering other drugs.