25 October, 2021

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Dog Home Remedies For Fleas

Dog Home Remedies for Fleas

Dog Home Remedies for Fleas

Worried about fleas? One of the most important things you should do as a dog owner is make sure your dog stays clear of any parasite. Here’s what you should know about preventing this kind of problem.

What Is a Flea Infestation?

A flea infestation isn’t just a risk for your dog. It’s also a big risk to YOU because fleas can be carriers of diseases, although it is rare. They will bite humans if given the chance and their bites will be one of the itchiest insect bites you’ve ever had in your life. This is why once you notice anything jumping on the dog, you should immediately do something about it.

Symptoms of Fleas on Dogs

Diagnosing fleas on dogs is perhaps the easiest first step towards eradicating these parasites from your life. Here are the most common signs that there’s something in between your dog’s fur:

Licking, Biting, and Scratching

This is the first sign that your dog has fleas. Every bite is going to be itchy, and they will react to it by scratching, licking, or biting themselves. The problem here is that dogs scratch themselves for a variety of reasons, so it’s not exactly a foolproof method.

Pebbled Dirt in the Fur

The next most obvious symptom would be dirt on your dog’s fur. Part the hair and you should be able to see very small black pebbles, almost like dirt, concentrated on specific areas of the dog’s fur. These are excretions of fleas and if your dog has this, it’s almost certain that they now carry tiny little parasites. 

Loss of Fur

Look for bald patches on your dog. This can be because of the resulting irritation combined with the frequent scratching due to the itchiness.

Where do Dogs Get Fleas?

Dogs get these parasites anywhere they might have interaction with other dogs or perhaps in places where other dogs have been. These include the vet, the groomer and even the dog park. Fleas can also be brought into your home through you – perhaps you petted a dog outdoors, and it has fleas that jumped onto you? 

Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

Once you note the presence of fleas on your dog, there’s a good chance that it’s also in the rest of the house. Following are the different methods you can use to eliminate this parasite from your surroundings:

Brewer’s Yeast

An effective method is by adding brewer’s yeast to your dog’s food. Around half of a teaspoon would do when mixed with your dog’s regular meal. It can help drive fleas away from the inside out.

Flea Trap

Keeping a flea trap near where the dog sleeps will give you that satisfying feeling of actually seeing the fleas you’ve caught overnight. It’s often done by placing a plate near the dog’s sleeping place. Put some water and then add a few drops of dishwasher soap. Place a little light close to the plate and just leave it there throughout the night. In the morning, you should be able to see several fleas trapped in the water as the dishwasher soap stops them from being able to jump up.

Flea Sachet

As an added precaution, some dog owners use a flea sachet and place it in their dog’s sleeping area. Grab a small bag of fabric and put in dried lavender, dried lemon peel, and cedar chips. Tie it in together and place in your dog’s bed. This will help drive away the fleas. The potency goes down over time, so try to refresh every 2 weeks to a month.

Flea Comb

You will find several products today that are made specifically to brush the fleas out of your dog’s hair. Depending on your dog’s fur type, the process may take some time. Ideally, a comb is only used as a preparatory measure before putting in any kind of flea remedy. This will help reduce the amount of fleas already existing. A flea comb can also help you minimize an infestation or it can be used as a way to check if there’s a new infestation.


Run a clean sweep through your home using a vacuum. Any areas where the dog may have rested is a possible location for these fleas. Vacuum often, even if your dog doesn’t show any signs of a flea infestation anymore just to guarantee prevention. 

Thorough Wash

Wash your dog’s bed on the first sign of flea infestation. This will help kill the fleas residing in that space. Do this on a routine basis for hygiene purposes.


Flea bites take some time to heal even after the fleas are gone. Pet Hemp Company CBD provides quick relief from flea and bug bites. Hemp oil is also effective in repairing your dog’s skin.

Some Essential Oils

Essential oils will work for dogs – but not all of them. Keep in mind that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell and may not like some scents. Other oils are downright dangerous for them – such as tea tree oil. Flea repelling oils include peppermint, rosemary, citronella, and eucalyptus. However, this is a trial and error setup as you figure out how your dog reacts to the smell. If you plan to use any of these oils, find a specific dilution method to guarantee safety. 

DIY Vodka Flea Collar

You can create a flea collar by dipping the collar in vodka for a few hours and then letting it dry. Make sure the vodka doesn’t come with any flavor. It can be pretty strong and will drive away the fleas. Note that the collar will not last forever – try re-dipping at least once a week. Remember – this will drive away the fleas, not kill it.


Fleas are year-round problems that require year-round solutions. You can’t just get rid of fleas once and expect them to never come back again. That being the case, remain vigilant with your dog and perform routine checks to catch infestation early. Do not be afraid to use multiple methods listed here at the same time in order to improve the coverage of flea treatment. A flea-free dog is a happy, healthy, and obedient one!