2 December, 2021

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How to Trim Dog Nails

How to Trim Dog Nails

Every responsible dog owner must make sure that his dogs are well taken care of. Aside from feeding them, grooming is equally important. However, one essential detail dog owners may overlook when grooming is trimming the nails of their pets. Not trimming your dog’s nails can cause serious health problems. That is why trimming a dog’s nails is recommended.

We warn that it is not easy to do, but if you learn the tricks, you and your dog will be happy to do it together. First, you must know and understand a few important things before trying to trim your dog’s nails.

How to trim dog’s nails

Trimming your dog’s nails takes a lot of courage. Aside from wrestling with your dog, there is fear that you might accidentally hurt him. So, before you gather the guts to do the trimming yourself, you must learn few tricks.

  • The first step to the trimming process is to gradually introduce the trimming tools to desensitize your dog. Let the dog sniff the tools every day before the scheduled trimming.
  • Anticipate what might happen during the trimming process. Prepare a treat for added motivation.
  • Before getting into the action, closely examine the nails and define the cutting range. This is very important because it could be very painful for the dog once you accidentally clip the quick. The quick is the part of the toenail where the blood vessels are located.
    Once you have defined the cutting range, trim a small step at a time until you reach the desired length. Give a reward for each nail trimmed.

Dog nail anatomy

Understanding the dog’s nail anatomy saves you from harming your dog during the trimming process. It will help you identify where the quick is and how to avoid accidentally clipping it.

Dog nail trimming tools

There are several nail trimmers available. You can choose what you think best suits your dog’s nails.

  • Plier style trimmers. It comes in small, medium, and large trimmers. It works like garden pruners.
  • Guillotine trimmers. It has a hole where you put the dog’s nail. Once squeezed the blade comes out to clip the nail. This type of trimmer works best for small to medium-sized nails.
  • Scissor trimmers. These trimmers work like a pair of scissors. These trimmers are advisable only for smaller nails.
  • Nail grinder. This is the safest tool to use on your dog because there is no way that you are going to cut the quick. It is used as an alternative for nail trimmers. Instead of cutting the nail, the nail grinder grinds the nail with a high-speed rounded grinder.

Dog nail clippers

Here are the top three dog nail clippers according to Gh

  1. Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers by Boshel – has a safety feature to keep you from accidentally trimming the quick.
  2. Sturdy Pet Nail Clippers – recommended for large nails. It has heavy-duty clippers and sharp blades.
  3. Safari Large Nail Trimmer – guillotine-style clippers that work quicker than a pair of scissors.

Dog nail grinders

Here are the top three nail grinders according to K9 of Mine.

  1. Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Grinder Kit- Dremel brand is a well-known brand in grinder devices.
  2. Petural Nail Grinder-rechargeable, cordless, two-speed nail grinding tool with different operating speeds.
  3. Ur Power Pet Nail Grinder – features less noise than other brands so that your dog won’t be scared.

Styptic powder or alternative

Styptic powder comes in handy when trimming your dog’s nails. It is a powder that stops blood flow. If you accidentally clip the dog’s nail and the toe begins to bleed. Pour a sufficient amount of styptic powder into the dog’s bleeding paw and pack it with a clean cloth.

Trimming dogs with black nails

A dog with black nails is difficult to trim because the quick is not easily distinguishable from the nail. You might cut the quick while trimming your dog’s nails. If you are not sure that you can trim your dog with black nails, better leave the trimming to professionals.

When to get help with dog nail trimming

Some dogs are difficult to groom for various reasons. They can be unruly, untamed, aloof, or just too large/too strong to be handled by humans. Others get wild and bite. Better get help from a professional rather than both of you getting hurt.

How to grind your dog’s nails

A grinder creates a humming sound that might scare your dog. So, before you do a nail grinding session with your dog, familiarize your dog with the humming sound and the vibration it creates. When the dog gets comfortable with the sound, you can slowly start to grind his nails.

Dog nail grooming essentials

Nail grooming kits for dogs are available in Pet shops, vet clinics, and online stores. Nail grooming essentials include clippers, nail scissors or grinders, styptic powder, and nail brush.

Why do you need to trim your dog’s nails

Having long nails can be dangerous to your canine, not to mention the damage to your floor and couch. Trimming prevents the nails from curling around and developing an infection.

What’s happening inside the nails?

Canine toenails are made up of Keratin, a protein that protects the surface of the nails. Halfway inside each nail is the quick — this is where nerves and blood vessels are found.

My dog hates getting their nails cut

It is normal for dogs to hate their nails getting trimmed, especially for older dogs who have not been used to trimming. Start with desensitizing your dog to nail trimmings little by little.

Why do you need to go to a vet clinic to trim your dog’s nails?

If you have tried all forms of taming techniques but have not successfully trimmed your dog’s nails, it’s time to go to the vet clinic.

Final thoughts

Learning to trim your dog’s nails takes time to perfect, it may seem complicated, but with patience and enough knowledge, you will eventually have the confidence to trim your dog’s nails.