25 October, 2021

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What is Medical Marijuana for Dogs?

If you’re looking for information on medical marijuana for dogs then this information should be very helpful to you. We will discuss how CBD derived from the hemp plant can help your pet.

We will go over how it works, safety precautions, a bit of history, its benefits, how to use it, and other details.
Based on our research and experience, we recommend the use of CBD for your dig. We will go over the reasons why we make this recommendation.

Medical Marijuana for Dogs?

You have probably heard of medical marijuana for human use. Similarly, the good news is that hemp can now be safely used for pets as well. It has the same medicinal properties, except that its dosage is different for dogs and smaller mammals. You will want, however, to make sure the remedy does not contain any THC, which is the active ingredient that creates the “high” associated with marijuana

A Little Bit of History

thc for dogsDuring the prohibition era, people generally thought of marijuana as a drug that you smoke to get high. However, over the past 50+ years, there has been a lot of ground breaking research on its benefits.

One of the most significant discoveries in this field of research was in 1988 with the discovery of CB1; a chemical receptor that the body produces naturally in the brain.


Another breakthrough came in 1993 with the discovery of CB2. This second cannabis receptor was found outside of the brain. These receptors are naturally produced by the body in order to process chemicals from the cannabis plant.

Further research involved the entire Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which includes anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol or 2-AG. Various studies confirmed that the ECS is involved in bodily functions and processes including appetite, metabolism, mood, as well as memory.


Research shows that chemicals from medical marijuana activates the body’s ECS. These chemical compounds are called cannabinoids and marijuana has around 113 of them.

Each of these cannabinoids has a different effect on the body. Of course, you don’t need every single one of them. You only need the ones that have been studied and confirmed by researchers.

The most important cannabinoids include cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigero (CBG), CBD, and THC. These are the chemical compounds in medical marijuana that we know of that produce all the health benefits that have been discovered thus far.

Is Medical Marijuana Safe for Dogs?

Dogs have the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS) as human beings. In theory they can also get the same benefits from medical marijuana that humans do, but there is an important factor that should be considered. Dogs are very sensitive to the effects of THC, one of the cannabinoids used in medical marijuana.

However, THC is only one of the many cannabinoids that can be extracted from medical marijuana. The one that we highly recommend and use is CBD. This is actually the best supplement that you can use for your pet.

What are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

There are several confirmed medical benefits of medical marijuana for dogs. They include the following:

    • Antitumor properties
    • Muscle relaxant
    • Antianxiolytic effects
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Intraocular pressure relief
    • Anticonvulsant effects
    • Pain relief

Let’s go over the major benefits in detail.

CBD as a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation can be a big issue for dogs. Unfortunately, anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen is toxic to dogs. Inflammation is an issue for dogs with arthritis.

CBD is a good alternative as an anti-inflammatory medication. This is one of the primary benefits of the CBD compound. Because it reduces inflammation it also produces pain relief for dogs with arthritis and similar conditions.

CBD as Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

Separation anxiety and other forms of anxiety are common issues for many dogs. Our pets can get very anxious when left alone or when traveling in a new vehicle.

Some dogs also experience anxiety during the 4th of July celebrations when there are fireworks being set off.
Many vets recommend CBD oil for dogs with anxiety issues. It may also help dogs overcome issues with aggression.

CBD Can Reduce Seizures

Watching your dog suffer from episodes of epileptic seizures can be devastating. It is really unfortunate that a lot of dogs have to go through such an ordeal.

The good news is that there is a growing body of research on medical marijuana, CBD in particular, as a treatment for seizures and epileptic relief for dogs.

Experts from the American Kennel Club admit that the science isn’t 100% there yet. However, the evidence suggests that the use of CBD as a form of treatment is very promising.

In one study conducted at the Colorado State University (source), researchers found that 89% of dogs that were administered with small amounts of CBD experienced reduced frequency of seizures.

Everything is still in an experimental stage as researchers still must determine possible side effects, proper dosage, dog breeds that benefit most from this treatment, and other factors.

It would be best to consult with your vet for dosage and other relevant instructions.

Anti-Tumor Properties

To hear your vet say that your dog has cancer is one of the most painful experiences that you or any pet owner can experience. Yet, it is one of the major causes of death among dogs today.

The good news is that there are plenty of studies being conducted regarding the use of medical marijuana for dogs with cancer. We must emphasize here that CBD, or any other similar compound, is not a cure for cancer in dogs.

There are studies, however, that suggest CBD can stop the growth of tumor cells. An example of that was in a 2016 report and study from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner School of Medicine.

These studies aren’t absolutely conclusive at this point and they weren’t exactly focused on treatment for dogs, But the results are again quite promising.

How to Use CBD with Your Dog

The best way to use CBD for your dog is to consult with your vet first. CBD is currently administered as a supplement since there are still no available dosing regulations from the FDA, to date.

Your vet can point you to a veterinary specific product. Your vet can also ensure that the medical marijuana is best suited for your dog’s state and condition.