25 October, 2021

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National Cat Day: 10 Great Gifts Ideas For Your Cat

National Cat Day: 10 Great Gifts Ideas For Your Cat

In case you haven’t heard about National Cat Day, it is a celebration that takes place on August 8 each year. This special day for cats has been gaining popularity all over the world since it started. While most countries celebrate it every 8th of August, other countries have designated another day for the celebration. For instance, Russia celebrates the special day on March 1, while the US celebrates it on the 29th of October.

The celebrations are geared towards raising awareness for cats who are homeless, and to teach how to properly care for and protect them. This is the one that, as a cat lover, you can go out with your cat and your family, and adopt one more family member.

If you are not in a position to adopt, you can share a photo of a homeless cat near you on social media. You can also develop content that will help educate people on how to take care of and protect cats.

The Importance of National Cat Day

There are many benefits of the National Cat Day. Below are a few of them.

  1. A “purrfect” chance to celebrate with your cat.
  2. A chance to educate people on caring for their cats.
  3. An opportunity to adopt another feline friend.
  4. More and more cats can have a home on this day
  5. An opportunity to showcase your cat’s talent.
  6. As a “parent”, you get to learn more on cat care and protection.

The national cat day is also a day to pamper your beloved cat. Below are some activities you can do with your cat to make them happy.

Activity Ideas with Your Cat on National Cat Day



  • Play Hide and Seek

Cats normally can’t resist finding something you are hiding from them. You can try hiding behind your couch or behind your desk. If your cat is the very curious one, they will try to look for you and pounce on you like their prey. This can be real fun for you too as you get to test your cat’s curiosity levels. Some cats may not be so active, and so you can try playing hide and seek using toys.

How do you do this? Try finding one of their favorite toys, and tie it with a string. Try to wiggle it under your blanket and your cat will do all they can to find the toy. You can also pass the toy with the string right before their eyes and hide it behind the couch.


  • Walk Your Cat

If you think only dogs enjoy walks, then you are wrong. Cats enjoy walks too. If your pet is both an indoor and an outdoor cat, a walk to the park nearby could be fun. However, if your cat is not used to walks, you will have to put a leash on them while walking.

Cats are super-curious, and they will be happy to see new things on the way as you walk with them. Ensure that the path you are using does not have dogs as your cat could get scared and try to escape. However, if there is no other option apart from facing dogs, you can try to carry them when you see a dog nearby.


  • Get Them New Toys

Cats are very choosy, but if you are familiar with what they love most, you can bring them a new toy on this special day for them. Toys keep your cats engaged and busy, so a new toy would excite them more. Nothing will scream ‘I love you’ more than a new toy for your cat.

  • Give a New Bed


You think your cat loves taking over your seat or your bed? Try buying them a heated new bed, especially if they are an older cat. If you do not think that a heated bed is good for them, try buying a window perch. A window perch would be great if you think your cat loves the view on your window.


  • Giving Cat CBD Treats


Cats love treats, and CBD treats would even be better for your cat on National Cat Day. CBD treats allow cats to relax and reduce their agitation and anxiety. So on this day, you can try to change your cat’s usual treats to CBD cat treats, and they will absolutely love it.


  • Get Your Cat Another Cat


You might think that because cats gets moody, they are not social beings. However, you might be surprised that your cat may be feeling lonely or they may miss the company of another cat.

On National Cat Day, try to adopt one more cat, and your cat might really thank you for it. 


  • Visit the vet


Some owners might dread vet visits because of the drama these feline beauties cause on their journey to the vet. However, you as a cat owner, should know that a healthy cat means a happy cat. Do not wait until your cat shows symptoms of illnesses to take them to the vet. 

On this cat day, you can take your cat to the vet for a checkup, and get them treated of any existing illness.


  • Watch Your Cat Enjoy a New Scratch Surface


Scratching is a common cat behavior, and that is why no matter what you do, they will continue to scratch. On National Cat Day, you can create a DIY scratch surface for your cat. You can create a horizontal, angled or vertical surface to ensure that they have a surface to scratch whenever they feel the urge for it. 

This activity will make your cat happy, and your furniture will thank you for it, too.


  • Chip Your Cat

If your cat is an indoor cat, you have to ensure that they do not leave the house in any way. However, you cannot watch them forever and they may sneak out while you are not watching. For this reason, make sure you chip your cat so you can always find them when lost.


  • Brush Your Cat

While many cats can groom themselves, giving them a brush regularly only adds up to your benefit and theirs too. When you brush your cat regularly, it helps keep their fur glossy and flawless.

You will also lessen the amount of hairballs your cat will have to deal with. Also, your couch, bed and carpet will stay free from dander.


If you have lived with cats long enough, you know that they like to be treated like royalty. While you cannot perform all the above activities in one day, you can do some of them on their special day. What is important is that you keep in mind that National Cat Day is a day to raise awareness on cat care and protection.