24 January, 2021

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Revolution For Dogs & Cats Side Effects & Reviews

Revolution For Dogs & Cats Side Effects & Reviews

For us animal lovers, our pets are not just hobbies. They are family. That’s why it is very disheartening if they contract an illness.

Fleas, although a bit common, are still very worrisome should they infest your pet dogs or cats. Fleas are not just uncomfortable for them, they can also pose some serious health complications. If left untreated, fleas can cause anemia and allergy dermatitis.

Furthermore, these fleas, should they become prolific, can bite humans and leave red marks on the skin, and could cause allergies for those who are more sensitive.

This article will cover concisely but comprehensively an ally against these bothersome fleas – Revolution.

What Is Revolution for Dogs & Cats?

Revolution is the brand name for the generic drug Selamectin. It is safe and simple to apply topically on dogs and cats. Although it is applied to the skin, Revolution has a holistic effect that targets both internal and external parasites.

In dogs, Revolution can be used as both a treatment and preventive drug for a myriad of parasites, not just fleas. Revolution can also be used against canine sarcoptic mange, heartworms, ear mites, and American dog ticks.

In cats, Revolution can be used as an antidote not just for fleas but also for roundworms, ear mites, and hookworms. 

Revolution may be given to dogs ages six weeks and up. As for cats, it is suitable for ages eight weeks and up. This medication is for all canine and feline breeds. It does not have any weight requirement as long as the minimum age is met. Revolution is also suitable for pregnant and lactating animals.

If you are wondering or have apprehensions about how a topical medicine can target both internal and external parasites, this is Revolution’s mechanism of action. When applied to the skin, the active ingredient Selamectin is absorbed into the bloodstream. The internal parasites that feed on your pet’s blood get poisoned and eradicated. Add to that, Revolution is also an anthelmintic. An anthelmintic facilitates the expulsion of the dead parasites out of the animal’s system.

As for the external mechanism of action, the drug, now fully present in the bloodstream, gets evenly re-distributed back into the skin, thereby successfully killing off the external parasites.

Dosage of Revolution for Dogs & Cats

Revolution is a powerful but gentle medication. A single dose will give your pet a whole month of protection. 

So, how exactly is Revolution applied on your pet? This serum comes in an applicator tube in a size prescribed to be an exact fit for your pet’s weight. The applicator tube is cut open at the tip to dispense an ample amount of the medication slowly but smoothly. The pet’s hair or fur must be parted at the center running across the back of the neck until the spine area reveals the skin. Revolution must be applied as close to the skin as possible. Be careful to avoid spillage so you give the exact required dosage for the animal.

For your reference, below is a chart that gives you a gauge of the amount of Revolution needed for the corresponding weight of your pet:

Dosage Weight of Dog or Cat
0.25ml/ 15mg Puppies 6 weeks and older

Kittens 8 weeks and older

Weighing up to 5 pounds

0.75ml/ 45mg Cats 5.1 – 15 pounds
1ml/ 60mg Cats 15.1 – 22 pounds
0.25ml/ 30mg Dogs 5.1 – 10 pounds
0.5ml/ 60mg Dogs 10.1 – 20 pounds
1ml/ 120mg Dogs 20.1 – 40 pounds
2ml/ 240mg Dogs 40.1 – 85 pounds
3ml/ 360mg Dogs 85.1 – 130 pounds
Combination of tubes will be computed by a veterinarian Dogs over 130 pounds


Your pets may be bathed as early as 2 hours after the application of the medication. Bathing after 2 hours will not reduce the efficacy of Revolution as it quickly absorbs into the skin and into the bloodstream.In the event that you forget to give your pet his/her next dose of Revolution the following month, just give a single dose as prescribed as soon as you remember. Do not give your pet a double dose to keep up with the missed days.

A word of precaution — Despite it being safe, bear in mind that Revolution should only be given to your pets when diagnosed and when given a prescription by a licensed veterinarian.

Side Effects of Revolution in Dogs & Cats 

Revolution has very few reported side effects. Less than 1% of dogs have been observed to suffer from digestive upset while under this medication. It is advised, however, to avoid administering this drug to pets who are suffering from other medical conditions aside from parasites and to those who are underweight, to be safe.

While Revolution is generally very safe, special precaution for collies and other herding breeds are raised by veterinarians. When given an excessive dosage, these specific dog breeds may exhibit drooling, weakness, trembling, staggering, dilated pupils and pressing their head against a wall within the first 8 hours after administration. Specifically for these breeds, the dosage must be very exact, and close observation must be followed.

As with all medications, be sure to contact your veterinarian when adverse effects are observed in your pet. It is also wise to inform your veterinarian of any known allergies your pet may have at the time of consult or upon receiving the prescription.

Cost of Revolution 

A 3-pack of Revolution or one pack that contains three doses can range from $54.87 – $78.39 depending on sale prices. This rate also comes with free shipping offer from online sites.

Since this 3-pack will give your pet coverage for 3 months, the above price translates to just roughly $18.29 – $26.13 per month.

Interaction with other drugs

There are no known or reported interaction of Revolution with other drugs. It should not to be given without a prescription from a licensed veterinarian who has been made fully aware of known allergies and diet of the animal to be treated.

Ingredients in Revolution

The single active ingredient of Revolution is Selamectin.


We hope that this article has been helpful in understanding Revolution as a treatment and prevention for parasites that may burden or harm your pets. Here’s looking forward to a happy and long life with your pets.